Monday, February 11, 2013

Local Vendor of the Week - Cleveland Boudoir

With Valentine's Day coming up, I thought I would put you all in a romantic mood! Our Local Vendor of the Week knows all about creating a romantic setting and capturing it on camera. Cleveland Boudoir wants to help you find your inner sex goddess and revitalize some confidence within you. This is not only a fantastic Valentine's Day gift for your partner, but also for you!

Cleveland Boudoir has a variety of different packages to choose from. You may choose to take the more simple route and just try it out. However, you also have the option of going all out, shoot with multiple outfits, and even have your hair and makeup done! What girl doesn't want to feel super glamorous for a day?! See some of the amazing before and after shots.

Are you recently engaged? I just found you the perfect grooms gift for your husband to be! Utilize this opportunity to remind him why he's marrying you ;) I guarantee he'll love the confidence radiating from your photos!

If you're worried about appearing "too sexy", don't be. Cleveland Boudoir wants this experience to be all about you. Shoots range from cute and flirty, to fun pinup, to down right smokin'. It's all up to you! 

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